Gold Shares Are One Option

There is something called gold ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds), and they are basically investment funds that operate on the stock market and are managed just like a stock.

They can be bought at different market prices on the Mexican Stock Exchange, and the great thing is that they publish their stock portfolio daily (this means that you can buy ETFs at any time you want).

Obviously, any asset has its risks. Fortunately, there are some certified options that you can consider.

Over the years, gold prices have remained relatively stable.

  • Gold is a valuable asset that reacts strongly to high inflation.
  • Investing in gold is profitable because it is very likely to appreciate in certain markets (this will bring you more profit in the long run).
  • It is not a very good option to buy collectible or antique gold coins as part of your investment (they are rarely bought on the market).
  • Its value does not change over time, nor can the government print or replicate it like bills.
  • Gold has value by itself because it does not accumulate massive debts or government obligations (such as CETES, which depend solely and exclusively on the government).

Should I invest in gold bars?

There is a phrase that says that “a safe investment portfolio is diversified with many assets because the future is not predictable” that is why gold bullion (in physical) is also a good option.

If inflation rises unexpectedly, gold bars will be a powerful weapon that will keep the value of your investment intact.

It may sound “old school,” but it is recommended that when you buy physical gold, you should keep it in a safe (for security reasons).

Another alternative is to keep it in a bank abroad to achieve geographical diversification, and it is an asset that can be sold in absolutely all markets in the world recommends betting on the Asian market because investment in gold is more valued).

If you don’t feel very sure about investing in gold, remember that we have an advisor to help you with this mission. In addition, history has shown that when there are problems with currencies, gold tends to rise rapidly in price and is often the only asset that makes a profit.

Gold Shares Are One Option
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