Investing In Gold And Precious Metals Top 3 Books

Gold and precious metals are an asset that allows you to save money during crises in the financial system. But before you start investing in gold, you should learn about the nuances, for example, what is better to buy – physical gold bullion, shares of gold mining companies, or funds.

We have selected three books on investing in gold and precious metals that will help you better understand this topic. But remember that the book is the author’s personal opinion, who got his experience in another country and under other conditions. Hence, it is unreasonable to consider it as a guide to action.

Michael Maloney’s “A Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver”

The book has four parts: “Yesterday,” “Today,” “Tomorrow,” and “How to invest in precious metals.” In the first three chapters, the author tells what lessons can be learned from the history of precious metals to understand the current state of affairs in the global economy and benefit in the future.

The author prophesies the coming boom of precious metals and the redistribution of wealth due to the depreciation of money. The only things of real value are gold and silver. Your choice is to take advantage of the situation and become rich yourself or make someone else rich.

John Jagerson and Wade Hansen “All About Investing in Gold”

This is a practical guide based on my own experience. The authors recommend adding gold-based derivatives to the investment portfolio as key assets and stocks, and currencies. Unlike Michael Maloney, who considers only investments in real gold assets promising, Jagerson and Hansen suggest using exchange products: ETFs, futures, options.

The book details the types of financial products based on gold, on what platforms they can be traded, investment strategies are given for various market movements.

Robert Kiyosaki Conspiracy of the Rich. 8 new rules for handling money.”

These are reflections on the global economy and the coming financial crisis, complete with practical advice on countering the “conspiracy of the rich.”

The main essence of the author’s recommendations: increase financial literacy, give up the usual financial instruments and create passive income by investing in real, not “inflated” assets.

Kiyosaki considers gold and silvers the most promising investments, the value of which is backed by real collateral, in contrast to currencies and exchange instruments. In second place in his investment preferences is real estate.

In the book, Kiyosaki gives 8 rules for dealing with money, following which, in his opinion, you can change your life. For example, here is what he considers proper diversification.

Investing In Gold And Precious Metals Top 3 Books
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